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About us

BYRON PARFUMS was created in 2016 by Yann Derriennic, aka LARCHITECT.


LARCHITECT, a former beatmaker, discovered the world of perfume. Heir to Street Culture, he decided to break the codes of niche perfumes.


LARCHITECT, the brand’s self-taught nose, creates original, addictive and powerful fragrances. He imagines fragrances that take the soul on a journey.


LARCHITECT mixes notes as if composing music. Alchemy of composition, research into raw materials and harmony of scents and colours.


BYRON PARFUMS, launched in Paris, is rapidly expanding in the United States. ‘UFO! Never seen before! Stunning bottle design! Incredible packaging! Who is this French perfumer called LARCHITECT?


BYRON PARFUMS, now established in over thirty countries, proves the truth of its slogan ‘Hooked with just one sniff’.




LARCCHITECT, who hails from the northern suburbs of Paris, has built his identity on the street. He is steeped in Street Culture.

LARCHITECT is a keen tagger.
A gifted draughtsman, he is also very comfortable with graffiti.

LARCHITECT is a rap composer.
He writes highly technical lyrics and has a distinctive voice. He has a facility for understanding and transcribing the flows and techniques of American rap into French rap.

LARCHITECT immerses himself in hip-hop.
He challenges the big names in battle and excels with an acrobatic style born of his experience as a gymnast.

LARCHITECT provides the choreography for Crew V.T.F.
This ‘old-school’ crew includes taggers, dancers, rappers and heavy hitters who ensure respect on the streets.

Addicted at first sniff