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FRENCH CONNECTION RANGE Hooked on first sniff


Hooked on
first sniff

BYRON PARFUMS was created in 2016, created by Yann Derriennic known as LARCHITECT.

BYRON PARFUMS, launched in Paris, is growing rapidly in the United States. “UFO!” Never seen ! Stunning bottle design! Incredible packaging! Who is this French perfumer called LARCHITECT? »

BYRON PARFUMS, today established in more than thirty countries, proves the truth of its slogan “Hooked with just one sniff”.



Collection Narcotic

The Narcotique Collection is a range of addictive and powerful fragrance extracts. These gourmand fragrance extracts evoke the passion you can succumb to by inhaling one of these forbidden nectars. Explore the intoxicating power of fruit and spice!


Collection Pirates

Dive into the heart of a mysterious world where everything meets and nothing is the same. Discover this sensual and exotic collection with its provocative scent and be surprised by the olfactory treasures it contains.


Collection Red Extreme

Pushed to the extreme with uninhibited sensuality, the Rouge Extrême Collection evokes the ultimate temptation. Soft, extremely bewitching notes, an immense, almost elusive voluptuousness.


Travel size

Discover exclusivity in pocket size. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Byron's niche fragrances, designed to travel with you, capturing the essence of luxury and adventure.



Set includes 6 x 15ml bottles of the house’s iconic fragrances: Pirate 2.0, Black Dragon, Mula Mula, The Chronic, Mula Mula Extrême & The Chronic Rouge Extrême.


Discover our
fragrances through our samples

Discover the sophistication of the Byron range with our fragrance samples. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite aromas and captivating nuances, designed to capture the essence of refinement. 

These samples will allow you to explore different olfactory facets and find your ideal fragrance signature. Treat yourself to this unique sensory experience and let yourself be seduced by the magic of Byron fragrances.