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Niche perfumes - Scent - Powdered

Welcome to our collection of exceptional perfumes, where the art of perfumery combines perfectly with the excellence of raw materials. Each bottle contains an olfactory treasure, a captivating symphony created from the highest quality perfume extracts.

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La French

210,00 €
Perfume extract - Citrus - Iris Absolute - Ambergris
Perfume extract - Iris Absolu - Vanilla - Exotic wood


Set includes 6 x 15ml bottles of the house’s iconic fragrances: Pirate 2.0, Black Dragon, Mula Mula, The Chronic, Mula Mula Extrême & The Chronic Rouge Extrême.


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fragrances through our samples

Discover the sophistication of the Byron range with our fragrance samples. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite aromas and captivating nuances, designed to capture the essence of refinement. 

These samples will allow you to explore different olfactory facets and find your ideal fragrance signature. Treat yourself to this unique sensory experience and let yourself be seduced by the magic of Byron fragrances.