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Barba Rossa

75 ml
210,00 €

Perfume extract - Violet - Vanilla - Oud Laos

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Product description

Always on the lookout for new raw materials, the Pirates is setting sail again, in search of hidden scents. The voyage promises to be full of surprises and twists and turns. The privateer "BARBAROSSA", commander of the boat, with the help of his brothers, sails towards India in search of the sublime Kalakassi Oud. Then the order is given... It's a change of course towards the Middle East. Straight as an 'i' at the tip of his ship, Barbarossa, his beard blowing in the wind, thinks of freshly picked saffron and blackcurrants as a battle of the senses. But the wisdom of neroli and violet will calm this honourable struggle, leaving room for vanilla and jasmine to sail on calm waters towards a unique destination ....


Top notes - Violet

Heart notes - Vanilla

Base notes- Oud Laos



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Top notes


Heart notes


Base notes

Oud Laos

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