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Black Dragon

15 ml
59,00 €

Perfume extract - Honey - Tobacco - Amber

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Product description

The quintessence of strength, BLACK DRAGON, the hard-hitting. A veritable nectar of power, designed exclusively for personalities with a fiery character. A fragrance extract dedicated to true Alphas, to those who bring people together.   A deceptively wise opening, intermingled with honey for sweetness and a super-vitamin cocktail of pineapple and mango. BLACK DRAGON then unfurls a sultry heart of shoe polish, bourbon vanilla and sandalwood, reflecting who you are and where you like to be admired. In the final act, the whole takes on its full meaning thanks to a base of patchouli, amber and musk that offers unlimited density to this fragrance that's sure to wreak havoc!   Black Dragon is undeniably the best ally you could have for all your forthcoming journeys, which are likely to be as rich in adventure as they are dangerous... Be warned!


Top notes - Honey

Heart notes - Tobacco

Base notes- Amber



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Heart notes


Base notes


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