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Daï Quiri

75 ml
210,00 €

Perfume extract - Melon - Pineapple - White Musk

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Product description

It was in the warmth of this faraway land, in the deckchairs of this villa with its modern architecture, in front of this basket of fresh fruit shaped like a still life, caressing the water of the swimming pool with the tip of your finger that DAI QUIRI became an obvious choice. Daiquiri is a mirage of crystalline sugar set against sparkling ice cubes in the distance. The freshness of the lime, the pep of the grapefruit, the melon and the pineapple are a poem... It's the story of a famous olfactory cocktail that, at the end of the day, would refresh hot skin basking in the rays of Cuba's Extreme Red sun.


Top notes - Melon

Heart notes - Pineapple

Base notes- White Musk



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Top notes


Heart notes


Base notes

White Musk

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