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Green Butterfly

75 ml
280,00 €

Perfume extract - Iris Absolu - Vanilla - Exotic wood

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Product description

As rare as it is ephemeral, GREEN BUTTERFLY is inspired by the magical journey of a butterfly, halfway between dream and reality. It leaves behind the purest, noblest glitter of gold to leave its mark on the souls it encounters with every flap of its wings, forever. A twirling fragrance, rich with exceptional materials from the four corners of the globe. Unrivalled in its elegance, this purely universal creation, though seemingly fragile, expresses the strength, density and beauty of life. A true celebration of the senses, wearing this enchanting new fragrance will enhance your aura and magnify the beauty of your soul, with an addictive paradox of power and lightness. A limited, numbered edition of just 2,500.


Top notes - Iris Absolu

Heart notes - Vanilla

Base notes- Exotic wood



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Top notes

Iris Absolu

Heart notes


Base notes

Exotic wood

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