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Mula Mula Double Caramel

75 ml
230,00 €

Perfume extract - Caramel - Caramel - Oud du Laos

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Product description

The new limited series from BYRON PARFUMS celebrates its famous bestseller Mula Mula from the Narcotique collection. The story told by its creator, LARCHITECT, is one of an infinitely sweet and gourmand caramel. A fragrance destined to become a trend in gourmand notes.   From the very first spray, Mula Mula Double Caramel envelops you in a swirl of caramel coated in the sweetness of bourbon vanilla, with fruity notes of juicy strawberries and sun-kissed raspberries.   Over time, it reveals its deeper layers with a bewitching woody base of Laos Oud, Patchouli and Amber. The warm ambience of a secret confectionery protects this hidden treasure.   Mula Mula Double Caramel leaves a unique trail behind. Our senses are awakened by this olfactory symphony that evokes the most exquisite delicacies.   Much more than a fragrance, it's an experience, an invitation to lose yourself in a world of sweetness and fragrant delights.


Top notes - Caramel

Heart notes - Caramel

Base notes- Oud du Laos



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Top notes


Heart notes


Base notes

Oud du Laos

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