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Mula Mula Extreme Red

15 ml
59,00 €

Perfume extract - Strawberry - Caramel - Laos Oud

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Product description

With MULA MULA Rouge Extrême, BYRON PARFUMS pushes your hearts and your addictions even further towards ardent, boundless passion. A more intense and woody version of MULA MULA Collection Narcotique, this perfume extract was born to create a super-powerful impact while maintaining a graceful elegance. The primary aim of this powerful version is to turn you into an addiction that sweeps everyone off their feet.   With its crisp, tangy burst of red fruits, its beating heart of sensual caramel coated in amber and then its light-dark woody base of oud wood, vanilla and patchouli, you'll no longer be afraid of danger, you'll become danger...   Now enter the room with a few sprays of this sublime extract on your pulse points! Be yourself, devoid of artifice! Be an instant eye-catcher in the most prestigious venues in the four corners of the globe. Everyone will remember you, forever.


Top notes - Strawberry

Heart notes - Caramel

Base notes- Laos Oud



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Top notes


Heart notes


Base notes

Laos Oud

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