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The Chronic Narcotique

15 ml
59,00 €

Perfume extract - Pepper - Amber - Sandalwood

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Product description

Addiction at its best! The iconic THE CHRONIC, part of the Narcotique collection, is a perfume extract that will have you hooked instantly. Designed to be indispensable from the very first sniff, this perfume extract creates a real addiction, like the musical notes of a well-known Gansta album.   A spicy explosion of pepper and cinnamon immediately raises the temperature and sets the tone. Our senses are swept away by an intoxicating, aphrodisiac heart of amber, leather and patchouli, ending with a crackling base of sandalwood and white musk. Smelling this unique creation is like taking the risk of falling in love forever.   It's a fragrance you can't get enough of, one you can't escape... For those who want to make an instant impression, this is your new, highly addictive olfactory signature.


Top notes - Pepper

Heart notes - Amber

Base notes- Sandalwood


Pepper – Amber – Sandalwood


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Top notes


Heart notes


Base notes


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