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The Chronic Extreme Red

75 ml
210,00 €

Perfume extract - Whipped cream - Cinnamon - Sandalwood

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Product description

Addiction taken to the extreme, for an even greater dose of pleasure... Our iconic THE CHRONIC Collection Narcotique is now available in a Rouge Extrême version, adding an overdose of indulgence.   This perfume extract opens with a taste note of whipped cream, melon, pear and raspberry that will instinctively awaken your taste buds. Your pupils will then dilate thanks to a passionate heart of cinnamon, amber and other spicy notes, each hotter than the last. Your whole body will go into a trance when the show reaches its climax, in other words, when the fragrance reveals its totally addictive base notes of sandalwood, white musk and patchouli.   You'll be gluttony and illicit incarnate, to the delight of your many fans already captured in your wake.


Top notes - Whipped cream

Heart notes - Cinnamon

Base notes- Sandalwood



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Top notes

Whipped cream

Heart notes


Base notes


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