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Mula Mula Narcotic

59,00 €

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Product description

MULA MULA, a member of the Narcotique collection, inspired by the money made from illicit substances... From the very first dose, this fragrance will obsess your thoughts and become your Best Friend in all circumstances, like a faithful and loyal alter ego.   A unique name for an ultra-addictive, cult perfume extract. MULA MULA, one of BYRON PARFUMS' bestsellers, is a fragrance inspired by our addictions, and the perfect embodiment of them... A taste of it is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!   A dizzying start of juicy peach and wild red fruit, enveloped in a delicious note of caramel. A throbbing heart of spices and slightly animal notes to electrify us. A dense, sensual base, as addictive as it is unforgettable, of incandescent vanilla and burning Laotian oud...   All you have to do is dance until dawn! You can count on this magnificent creation to help you keep up the pace!



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